138 Research Paper Topics

138 research paper topics

Writing a research paper is a difficult task. However, none of the students can avoid it while studying at college or university. Students are tasked to write research papers every semester. It is recommended not to underestimate research papers, since you will have to dedicate to it most of your time and make a lot of efforts in order to succeed in research paper writing. On the other side, students should not let all their writing tasks have a negative influence on their mood. In order to avoid stress related to writing research papers, students should choose good research paper topics. In many instances, students are given a particular topic, but in some cases, they are free to select the topic on their own. Research paper should be written on the selected topic. In case you want to find an attention-grabbing topic that will help you to show all your knowledge and skills, you should not stop reading this article.

How to Choose Effective Topics for Research Papers

When a student has to select a topic for a research paper, he/she should make sure that it is neither too general nor too boring for the potential readers. Readers are always intrigued with the innovative topics. In this case, they feel motivated to read the research paper till the last page. However, if a student has no research paper topics ideas, he/she is free to ask for professional writing assistance from writers who are keen in creating interesting topics. It is essential to consider the following points while choosing the topic:

The Field You are Most Interested in

There is no doubt that a student will not write an insightful and attention-grabbing paper if he/she has zero interest in the selected subject and topic. However, in case the selected topic is of great interest to a student, the task of research paper writing automatically becomes easy. You will have no complications in exploring the topic. In addition, there is a high chance that you have some information on the topic stored on your PC, which makes the writing process easier and even fun. In case you are an individual who is fond of science, you probably can talk about it all day long. The same applies to the writing process.

Make Sure that the Topic is Definite

Whenever a student selects the topic, he/she has to be sure that it is clear enough. In case you have found some points that you cannot comprehend, feel free to ask your instructor. You should understand your topic in order to write a professional research paper. When you cannot understand some points in the selected topic, it is recommended to choose another research topic. Readers should see that you have deep knowledge on the selected subject and topic.

Try to Be as Specific and Precise as Possible

First of all, you should realize that research paper is not a descriptive essay. A research paper requires thorough and accurate study. Your work should be based on real facts and evidence. While writing an introduction to a research paper, avoid waffling and be specific. Support all your statements with real examples and do not forget to give credit to the ideas and thoughts borrowed from other authors. Every academic work cited in your research paper should be referenced. Select the best research paper topic and nail it.

Remain Innovative

It is better to address the selected topic from various perspectives. If you conduct a detailed and thorough research, you will have high chances to impress your potential readers with unknown facts. Such an approach will definitely attract readers’ attention and will keep them intrigued till the last page. Check out the lists of top research paper topics and you will not have to ask anyone “to write my research paper.”

Economics Research Paper Topics

  • Will the World Bank remain an effective company for our economy? 
  • Do Russian oil sales have a strong influence on the prices of energy? What is the impact of Russian policy on the prices of oil?
  • Is it possible to reduce the cigarettes demand by increasing the taxes on cigarettes? 
  • Since biodiversity has a tendency to decline and the number of endangered spices of animals increase, how will this situation impact on the global economy? 
  • Does the US dollar have an effect on the global recovery of the economy? 
  • Does the Chinese trading policy have influence on the economy of the United States? 
  • What kind of effect do the conflicts in the Middle East have on the economy?
  • Is it true that cyber hacking can influence the global economy? Does it reduce the electronic commerce? 
  • What is the effect of mobile technology on the global economy? 
  • Did Ebola reduce the level of travelers in Africa? Has it changed the economy in African countries? 
  • Will the decrease in the cost of alternative energy sources have an impact on the economy of Middle East? 
  • Has the European Union coped with the economic recession? 
  • Does the climate change due to global warming present any economic opportunities?
  • Is it possible to reduce the negative impact of illegal immigration? 
  • What kind of economic difficulties will the US face this year?
  • When the host city builds a new sport stadium, does it face any economic challenges? 
  • Does the host city feel the effect of the Super Bowl? 
  • Is modern socialism better than old capitalism? Present some ideas of Adam Smith.
  • Does the capitalist market present some serious externalities? 
  • What should be done to reduce traffic in the cities?

Economics essay samples

Literature Research Paper Topic

  • The Era of innovation: Writers of the 21st century
  • Historic Novels and Their Dissection
  • Fiction of New Century: the Hunger Games
  • Copyright and Its Future
  • Racism and Its Examination in the Novels Written in the 1960s
  • The Exile Perception in Modern Literature 
  • Literature and Culture: What has the Stronger Impact?
  • Homosexuality and Its Examination in Literature
  • Does Size Play an Important Role in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels? Can It be Considered a Symbol?
  • Does Mama’s plant symbolize anything in the novel A Raisin in the Sun?
  • Has the dream role changed from Alice in Wonderland to Through the Looking-Glass?
  • Crime and Punishment: Main Characters and Symbols.
  • Pride and Prejudice: The Criticism of Marriage in the novel.
  • The Youth Superiority in The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Can Claude Frollo be Perceived as a Negative Hero?
  • Classic Literature vs Modern Fiction.
  • The Great Gatsby: Describe the Most Powerful Impact It Had on You. 
  • Fahrenheit 451: What works are mentioned in the novel and why?

Environmental Science Research Paper Topics

  • Water Resources and Their Smart Utilization and Management
  • Water Utilization and Patterns of Its Consumption in the World 
  • Energy types and their advantages and disadvantages
  • The environment destruction by Natural Gas, Nuclear Power, Coal, Oil and Fossil Fuel
  • Can forests offer particular energy resources?
  • Does an individual play a crucial role in energy conceiving and water usage?
  • Can renewable energy improve the environmental condition of developing countries? 
  • Is modern society willing to solve the problem of global warming?
  • Can we control the degradation of lands? What are the main reasons of the issue?
  • Is there a measure to control the pollution of water, soil and air? 
  • Deforestation and its environmental impact
  • Endangered species in the world 
  • Nuclear hazards: Can they be controlled and avoided? 
  • Is it possible to achieve food security?
  • Innovative energy resources
  • Reasons of food resources decline 
  • Can we control desertification? What are the reasons of the problem? 
  • How to solve the problems resulted from the dams?
  • What are the main threats to biodiversity?
  • Has climate changed in the recent 10 years? 
  • Do you believe that the issue of global warming is artificial?
  • How can people reduce the effect of global warming?
  • Has global warming changed the wildlife?
  • Pollution of the oceans: The tragedy that we refuse to see
  • Real and effective methods to reduce air pollution
  • Is it possible to preserve the natural resources by using alternative energy resource? 
  • Can we help endangered animals not to vanish?
  • Recycling helps to make the world a better place to live in
  • Water drinking and its positive health effects

Education Research Paper Topics

  • Can everyone achieve literacy? 
  • Are you ready to sacrifice your budget in order to get higher education in the US? 
  • Is it possible for the government to make the profession of a teacher more attractive? 
  • Can education be modernized and motivate students to succeed in academic career?
  • Do you agree that dress code is a sort of women discrimination? 
  • Pros and cons of homeschooling
  • Can current educational system help to create genius individuals?
  • Multilingual education and its importance
  • How can we achieve a safe school environment?
  • Is it possible to teach without putting grades?

Education essay samples

Medical Research Paper Topics

  • Human body and the effects of tobacco, drugs and alcohol
  • 21st century and vaccination
  • Birth control and issues related to it
  • Preventing Alzheimer’s disease
  • Do you consider euthanasia a type of assisted suicide?
  • Is modern medicine ready to treat AIDS?
  • Can people prevent cancer? What are the most efficient methods?
  • Do fats have a positive impact on human mind and body? 
  • Obesity and anorexia: two sides, one sad story
  • Mental health and its significance

Technology Research Paper Topics

  • Can people remain safe with cyber security? 
  • Is it possible to prevent terrorism using modern technologies? 
  • Do we finally have the Artificial Intelligence?
  • Will the 3d decade of the current century be altered due to modern technologies? 
  • Do average people have an impact on technology development?
  • What type of modern technologies is used by NASA in exploring Mars? 
  • What personalities related to technologies changed the world?
  • Does the Internet have a future?

Law Enforcement Research Paper Topics

  • Is creativity influenced by torrenting? 
  • Is it acceptable to legalize marijuana in all countries?
  • Has the legalization of same-sex marriage impacted the United States of America?
  • Is it fair to punish for sexual crimes?
  • Should governments pass the law, which prevents cyber bullying? 
  • What is the line between pornography and artistic photos? 
  • Does the law adopted in Russia deprive orphans from a chance to find a happy family?
  • Abortion laws adopted throughout the world
  • Legal execution practiced in modern countries
  • Do prostitution laws differ around the globe?

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  • Why few women are sentenced to capital punishment?
  • Is it possible to create the global list of sex offenders? 
  • Has technology helped to improve the forensic science? 
  • Has the level of identity theft increased? What are the effective methods to cope with it?
  • Is it possible to check the criminal record of every employee?
  • Does the US government take measures to prevent children from cyber bullying? 
  • Can community policing help to fight against home violence? 
  • Has technology on information sharing developed and improved? Does it help to fight against terrorism?
  • How parents can be sure that their children are protected from cyberstalking? 
  • Is there a need to make laws related to domestic crimes more punitive? 
  • Main reasons of victimization 
  • Does the correlation between crime and race exist? 
  • Should drunk drivers be banned from driving? 
  • Is it possible to adopt criminology into public policy?

Business Research Paper Topics

  • What should be done to make your idea a successful business startup? 
  • Can the sales be increased with the help of creative marketing? 
  • Small businesses and taxation
  • Time management skills in small and big business teams
  • Is it productive to practice multitasking? 
  • Working environment and sexual harassment
  • Ways of laws violation by big companies 
  • Minimum wages in the world. Is it possible to control them? 
  • The most successful business in the 20th century

Business essay samples

Political Science Research Paper Topics

  • What leader managed to change Europe in the end of the 20th century?
  • Will the impeachment of the current US president happen?
  • European values and Brexit consequences 
  • Global terrorism and Russian international policy
  • Can the world leaders finally unite against the threats posed by Russia? 
  • Is it possible to unite North and South Korea? 
  • Can we avoid dictatorship in the 21st century? 
  • Middle East conflicts
  • Refugees and possible threats to the hosting countries
  • Racism in the 21st century. How can we fight against it?

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