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Email-writing Guide

email-writing guide November 22, 2016

Nowadays email is one of the most popular means of communication due to its apparent convenience. However, it has a serious drawback too: once you have sent a message, you will not be able to change it. It will remain there whether you like it or not. In order to be always sure that you will not regret sending an email, follow our 6 tips for professional emails writing. Tips on how to improve writing skills 1. Make your message easy to understand In your email, provide the person you are writing to with all the necessary information on the topic di...

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Protestant Reformation essay. Influence of Protestantism Nowadays

protestant reformation essay November 15, 2016

The 16th-century religious, intellectual, social, cultural and political movement that changed Catholic Europe and set in place the structures that would largely define the development of the generations to come - this is the most concise definition of reformation you can probably find anywhere. The movement that in a great way defined the development of the continent is much more complex phenomenon and its significance cannot be squeezed into just one sentence. Many scholars and scientists have been studying the age of reformation for years now and its impact can be seen in our everyday li...

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Best 10 CV Writing Tips

Best CV Writing Tips November 08, 2016

Before we get to the tips on how to write a professional CV, we need to get the terms right first. In other words, we have to answer the question “What does C.V. mean?” before moving on to the issues of how to write a good one. Curriculum Vitae (CV) which is a Latin expression meaning the course of life denotes a document listing one’s work experience, education, qualifications and skills and is used mostly for the job search purposes. The Importance of a Good CV. How Good CV Helps to Get a Needed Job? ...

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Types of CVs Every Job Seeker Must Know

types of cv November 01, 2016

Translated from Latin, CV or Curriculum Vitae signifies “course of life.” Nowadays, CV is a summary of a job applicant’s basic information, including contact details, educational background, employment and achievement history. Writing good CVs is an essential skill of a modern job applicant that significantly fastens the process of job search. Learn the characteristics of the major types of CVs Chronological CV It is the most widel...

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Interview Help: How to Get Hired

How to Get Hired October 25, 2016

While making my career in marketing, I have participated in many job interviews. After having experienced the feelings of both employer and employee, I know for sure what bosses expect from a successful interview and how important interview preparation is. Thus, I created a list of successful interview tips that will help you to pass the interview with flying colors. Key factors of a perfect job interview Find out as much information about the company as possible. If you do not bother yourself learning the basic information about the company, you wi...

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