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What Is a Capstone Project in College? Easy Answers

what-is-a-capstone-project-in-college February 20, 2019

Don’t know the answer to the question ‘What is a capstone project in college?’ Let elite capstone essay writers help you with a proper answer. A Capstone Project is a valuable assignment for a person’s future experience. It offers an opportunity to demonstrate analytical and writing skills. Besides, it is a valuable experience for a future career. A capstone project differs from the rest of the assignments, as students are free to choose the...

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How to Critique a Research Article

How to Critique a Research Article January 25, 2019

For the research article critique, one has to briefly summarize and evaluate the attached educational article in order to find out how to critique a research article. This critique assignment should be completed individually. You have to write a brief article summary in your own words. In order to get a good result, it is important to rephrase the content. The work on such an assignment is a great exercise used for the final project’s literature review.In the written summary, you should recognize the main elements of the research: Hypothesis; Problem of ...

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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation for Beginners Step By Step

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation for Beginners Step By Step December 24, 2018

So you have a PowerPoint presentation to do, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, today you are going to learn, and I hope practice afterwards (if you are eager enough), some practical skills which will help you understand how to create effective PowerPoint presentations step by step, from scratch, even if you know nothing about creating presentations and have zero understanding about design.Also, we are going to discuss how to make a PowerPoint presentation interesting and informative...

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Dissertation Topics in Education: Researchable Ideas for Thesis Writing

Dissertation Topics September 17, 2018

Education is a sphere that is changing on a regular basis alongside with advancements in technology. It can be particularly evident when you look through the dissertation topics available now and what researchers study in particular in the field of education. Regardless of which level of education you want to focus on (whether it is higher education, primary or secondary), you will have something interesting to explore and research. To make your academic research and writing appealing and worth consideration, we have prepared a list of dissertation topics in education. One of the ba...

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Expository Essay Ideas for Successful Writing

expository essay ideas September 10, 2018

Creative expository essay ideas are needed to make sure you deliver a successful paper for your class. An expository essay provides a broad covering of a topic of your own choice in a detailed and straightforward manner. The main purpose of such essays is to provide detailed information on the topic rather than persuade the reader in opinion. If you wonder how to write expository essay, you have to be aware that you need to explore the topic explicitly and in great detail and provide a logical layout of the chosen aspect. As such, essays are informative in nature but apart from just providi...

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