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How to Write a Biography Essay

How to Write a Biography Essay March 15, 2016

Every student at some stage of study will be assigned to write a biography (a written account of a person’s life). Some students like this assignment while other prefer writing different types of essay. The requirements for biographical essays may be somewhat different depending on the study level you are at. It is obvious that a middle school bio will differ from the one written while studying in a college. However, there are some basic things that are common for all types of biography essays. These are the things we would like to focus on in this article. They should help you no...

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How to Write a Nursing Resume for a Job

How to Write a Nursing Resume March 10, 2016

Writing a resume has become today a routine for many as more and more people are trying to find a better job. The problem is, however, that most of the resumes look very similar today. It may sound weird but if you take resumes that are written for application to jobs in different industries they may still look pretty much identical. The reason is people just copy-paste job descriptions to their resumes without realizing that a resume should be tailored for each job specifically in order to land an interview. Today Elite Wr...

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How to Proofread Your Own Writing?

How to Proofread Your Own Writing March 08, 2016

If you have ever written articles, texts, research papers, etc. then you probably know that it is important to have them proofread. Obviously, it is better to have someone proofread your own work because doing it yourself is pretty challenging. The thing is that you already know the story, you know the flow of text as well as words you used in writing. So even if there are errors in the text it will be very easy for you to miss them as your mind will be filling in the blanks automatically as you skim over the text. But sometimes there is just no one out there to help and you have no cho...

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Follow Up Email After Sending a Resume

Follow Up Email After Sending a Resume March 03, 2016

Some people believe that a follow-up email after sending a resume may be a bad choice as it may appear too annoying for hiring authorities. However, that is not so. As a matter of fact, the majority of human resources managers appreciate a follow-up. Why? It simply demonstrates one’s interest in the job. HRs are aware of how often people blindly send resumes to all job openings they can possibly find (without even reading the job requirements). When one receives a follow-up email that means that the candidate is...

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8 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Mistakes to Avoid March 01, 2016

When students make mistakes while writing an essay, it may cost them a good grade. But when job seekers make mistakes while writing a resume, it may cost them a job (an interview). The thing is that job competition is so high today that hiring authorities have a really tough job of choosing one applicant among so many job seekers. But some do their job easier by making deadly mistakes in their resumes. This way hiring managers can discard such applications right away and don’t spend time considering the applicants. Below you will find the list of most common resume mistakes that may c...

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