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5 Incredible Stories About Dissertation Writing

Incredible Stories About Dissertation Writing April 05, 2016

Writing a dissertation is a time consuming endeavor. Its importance can unlikely be ever overestimated because this is the document submitted to support a candidature for a degree or qualification. However, despite the seriousness of dissertations there a lot of entertaining stories related to this type of research paper. We have selected 5 most incredible stories about dissertation writing that you will find both entertaining and puzzling. If you are in the process of writing one, this article could become a good refreshment for you; you will not regret spending a few minutes on readin...

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Critique Writing Tips

Art Critique Writing Tips March 30, 2016

An art critique is an attempt to understand and evaluate an artwork. Even though they say that artistic taste is very relative, there are still some criteria one can use to assess the artist’s success at delivering the message intended to convey. There is a popular misconception about an artwork critique – many people believe that it is only those who are art historians who can actually approach writing an art critique. The truth of the matter is anybody can approach this endeavor if all critique methods are followed. Below you will find the procedure for writing an art crit...

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How to Write a CV for a Job

How to Write a CV for a Job March 29, 2016

Whenever one is involved in CV writing, it seems that the whole thing is both easy and complicated at the same time. It is easy because all you have to write about is your own credentials and qualifications (both educational and professional). But writing a CV can also be a very daunting and complicated task because a lot is at stake – upon the review of your CV you will either be invited for a job interview or you will be denied such an opportunity. Although how to write a CV for a job seems to be clear, there are many j...

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What is a "Curriculum Vitae"?

What is a "Curriculum Vitae" March 24, 2016

Whether you are a student, graduate or an experienced employee sooner or later you will inevitably face the need of writing your own curriculum vitae. And it is better you are prepared and know what is it and how you should write one. Although there are many articles on curriculum vitae online, we decided to provide this kind of information in a somewhat condensed format to help our readers understand the basics of this document. We will also address some of the most common misunderstandings related to curriculum vitae and its purposes in this article. So if yo...

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17 Best College Party Ideas

Best College Party Ideas March 22, 2016

College years are remembered not only for rush papers, deadlines, failed grades and terrible teachers. The positive memory in students’ minds is usually associated with sleepless nights and parties. Pajama party, ugly sweater party or masquerade party? What are the party theme ideas collegestudents will remember throughout the entire life? Probably, college students will memorize the craziest and the most original college party themes. If you are looking for the best party theme ideas college students will be impressed, check out our 17top college theme party...

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