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99 Good Persuasive Essay Topics

good persuasive essay topics April 26, 2016

Persuasive essays are almost the same as argumentative essays though they mainly aim at convincing the reader that they have a sensible argument. When choosing a persuasive writing prompt, choose a topic that interests you, a top that interests other people, a top that you have knowledge about and one that you can find enough evidence to back it up. When you learn how to write a persuasive writing, it becomes easy to identify a good persuasive essay topic. A persuasive essay should be well researched on. One should also look at both sides of the topic. Some examples of good persuasive essay...

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Starbucks Essay: Useful Writing Tips and Samples

Starbucks Essay April 19, 2016

If you are not used to writing essays regularly, writing one can be a daunting assignment. It can be a lot of work where you will have to research, draft, and plan in order to write an essay. The task may seem difficult if you jump into it head fast without conducting any research or planning. Tips on how to write your Starbucks essay Begin by researching the topic. In this case, you need to investigate this company and learn a little more about it. You can begin by visiting their company website...

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The ABCs of Expository Writing

 The ABCs of Expository Writing April 14, 2016

Expository writing assignment is something you eventually will be getting as a student of a college or university. There are those who do not understand all aspects of expository writing and therefore require assistance. We would like to shed some light on the issue explaining what it is and even provide some guidance on how to write an expository essay. Even if you don’t really understand how this kind of writing is different from any other writing type you will have a decent understanding of what it really is after reading this article. We have to say t...

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69 Expository Essay Topics

Expository Topics: 69 Fresh Ideas April 12, 2016

Expository writing is a form of writing that gives information based on facts. Expository writing mainly involves coming up with an idea, finding evidence, giving an explanation on the idea and presenting a sensible argument. An expository writing includes an introduction, the plot and the conclusion. Some expository writing topics are; What career would you want to engage yourself in and why? Would you prefer half day learning or full day learning? Explain. Which is yo...

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Top 10 Resume Writing Tips and Samples

Resume Writing Tips April 07, 2016

There are so many resume writing tips and samples available online that one can easily get frustrated trying to figure out what are most important rules to follow. It is true that writing a resume has become much more complex than it used to be 10 years ago mostly due to the high competition in the jobs market today. Job seekers try to be as convincing as they possibly can be by skillfully developing their resumes and cover letters. In this article we have systematized the most important recommendations developed by resume writing experts who have expe...

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