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The Fourth of July Essay

fourth of july essay May 19, 2016

The Fourth of July day or the Independence Day is one of the biggest federal holidays in the United States. It is a day when Americans thirteen states declared the independence from England. Because of the historical significance of this day for the formation of the United States students are often assigned to write the Fourth of July essay. Some students feel puzzled by this task. However, don’t worry. We will give you some practical writing tips! Or... You can order cu...

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How to Find a Summer Job

how to find a summer jobs May 17, 2016

Summer is a wonderful season of the year due to many reasons. This is the time of vacations as many people travel around the world, go camping, throwing pool parties, etc. Many choose to spend two or three weeks next to the sea or even ocean. But there are those who view summer primarily not as a season of rest and all kinds of festivities but rather as an opportunity to find a job. Surprisingly enough, young people often want to use this time of the year as a chance to get a good summer job. The very fact that many people like to travel during summer means the num...

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Flag Day Essay

flag day essay May 12, 2016

The United States celebrates the Flag Day on June 14. The same day US Army celebrates its birthday. The holiday has a long tradition rooting back to 1777. The resolution of the Second Continental Congress adopted the flag of the United States. There is an interesting story of the invention of the American flag. The legend says that George Washington asked the Philadelphian seamstress Betsy Ross to create the flag that would be used further as a symbol of independence. When the US claimed the independence, it consisted in 13 states....

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50 Words to Avoid in Your Writings

words to avoid in your writings May 10, 2016

Writing is a combination of two things; craft and art. Craft is a technique while art comes from lots of talking, writing, thinking, dreaming, and reading. Some of the techniques are complex, but a few of them are very simple and will enhance the strength of your writing. Strengthening writing in many cases means avoiding those things that weaken it. Words that can weaken your writing include; Really: you should avoid this word in all your writings because if you need to e...

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Eat What You Want Day

Eat What You Want Essay May 05, 2016

Apart from Christmas and Fourth of July celebrations, there are many fun holidays deserving the attention. One of the most entertaining holidays is the Eat What You Want Day. This is the best holiday for those, who are sick and tired of endless diets, organic products, gluten-free and healthy food. The holiday is celebrated on 11th of May. It is one single day of the year when you can indulge yourself with any food you wish. Be it junk food, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, spicy tacos or a super-plate of sushi! It is your day, so go ahead and celebrate it soo...

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