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The Best Guide on the Types of Academic Papers

Main types of academic papers August 02, 2016

Academic writing teaches students to distinguish four main types of academic papers that are frequently assigned in college. Learn more about them and you will enhance your writing techniques without facing any difficulties. Exposition Papers The purpose of writing exposition papers is to inform the audience about an important issue or explain something. The most common types include: Compare and contrast essays Technical and business papers Response and reaction essays Process essays...

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What You Didn't Know about Summer Olympics 2016

facts about Summer Olympics 2016 August 01, 2016

Soon after their start, Olympic Games created a huge interest among its fans and even people who do not care much about sports. In this post, we are going to describe the magnitude of Olympic Games Rio using some facts and numbers. For instance, you’ll be surprised to find out the amount of tennis balls prepared to be used this year. Given the number of sportsmen and spectators, think about how much food will be consumed during summer Olympics 2016. Quite logically, I bet you cannot guess the budget of this spectacular event. So, prepare to le...

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The Most Helpful Online Writing Tools for Students

online writing tools for students July 26, 2016

If you feel that it is practically impossible to complete the assignment within the given time, you start searching the Internet for various online writing tools intended to make your student life easier. Check out the list of the online writing tools and you will certainly find some that may be of great use.  1.       Plot Generator This is one of the most inspirational apps for modern students. When you are assigned to analyze a story, Plot Generator will give you inspiration to write it. It is an automat...

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Here's How to Speak with Your Professor the Right Way

How to Speak with Your Professor the Right Way July 06, 2016

Effective communication with your professor makes a lot of sense. On the one hand, receiving expert answers can help you better understand the subject. On the other hand, a professor will recognize you and know that you attend all the classes and you are interested in the subject.  Here’s how to speak with your professor to gain maximum effect and avoid misunderstandings. First Things First Make all the necessary preparations before ap...

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Best Weekend Getaways from NYC

weekend gateways from nyc June 29, 2016

While NYC is one of the most wished-for destinations for many people, New Yorkers at times crave to get out of it. It does not mean that they do not love their city – the thing is that everyone should have some rest from his/her place of residence. While making plans for going somewhere, it is important to decide for yourself whether you want some calm and relaxing getaway or, on the other hand, some active one. So, if you need a piece of advice on where you could go at the weekend, our tips are just the thing for you. The following is the list of the best weekend getaways fr...

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