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Types of CVs Every Job Seeker Must Know

types of cv November 01, 2016

Translated from Latin, CV or Curriculum Vitae signifies “course of life.” Nowadays, CV is a summary of a job applicant’s basic information, including contact details, educational background, employment and achievement history. Writing good CVs is an essential skill of a modern job applicant that significantly fastens the process of job search. Learn the characteristics of the major types of CVs Chronological CV It is the most widel...

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Interview Help: How to Get Hired

How to Get Hired October 25, 2016

While making my career in marketing, I have participated in many job interviews. After having experienced the feelings of both employer and employee, I know for sure what bosses expect from a successful interview and how important interview preparation is. Thus, I created a list of successful interview tips that will help you to pass the interview with flying colors. Key factors of a perfect job interview Find out as much information about the company as possible. If you do not bother yourself learning the basic information about the company, you wi...

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4 Best American Rock Bands Ever

best american rock bands October 18, 2016

Legendary rock bands make the history. There are songs that are popular “today, tomorrow, always,” and I will draw you a picture of the renowned rock bands that literally rocked the world! Best Rock Bands List: Here is a brief list of music artists that gave the world the eternally awesome songs. 1. Nirvana Nirvana occupies a special place among the legendary rock bands since it was an impeccably balanced trio who d...

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New Music Recommendations

New Music Recommendations October 11, 2016

You enjoy music everywhere, in every mood, and regardless the weather, am I right? If so – then you are just like me. Obviously, you are constantly looking for more awesome music and would appreciate a good music recommendation. Find the list of the best spots that will recommend new music you will certainly add to your constantly expanding personal collection! Finding Good Music: YouTube Certainly, it is the best option ever! It is quick, easy, and has lots of music options to offer. You...

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How to Write a Persuasive Essay

how to write a persuasive essay October 04, 2016

If you want to master the skills of writing successful essays, you should definitely be aware of the structures of different types of essays. Proper grammar and sophisticated ideas are not enough if you want to develop a coherent and well-structured essay. You should keep in mind that the structure always comprises of the following constituents: an introduction, a thesis statement, strongly organized paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion. Therefore, this article is aimed at providing you with tips on how to properly write a persuasive essay. Tips on How to Write a Good ...

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